"mittendrin" ("right in the middle of it") is a workshop offer for schools and for the extracurricular youth education in the sense of the radicalization prevention on topics such as politics and religion, diversity acceptance, democratic cohabitation.

With media-based methods and joint media production, we are approaching current topics in our workshops where the media play a major role: the value and benefits of our democracy, life in diversity, dealing with prejudice and discrimination, current extremist tendencies and young people on the way to radicalization.

Target group: Schoolchildren, young people 13 years and older - teachers, youth workers

Our goals are the promotion of (media) criticism, the understanding of democracy, diversity acceptance, self-efficacy and the strengthening of social, communicative and creative competences, of information and participation competence.

Module “Achtung Vorurteile“ ("attention prejudice") (3 to 6 lessons) -  Raising awareness of processes of opinion formation, mediating a media-critical view. In addition, first possibilities are shown to contribute to the formation of opinion themselves.

Media projects (5 lessons and more / in the form of project days or as a working group) (video, audio, comic, photo or online projects) on topics such as extremism, discrimination, conflicts, but also on identity, perspectives, "How do we want to live ? "

"Mittendrin" was launched and tested in Ludwigshafen as part of a model project:
Timetable: September 2016 to March 2017. The media pedagogues Mario Di Carlo and Matthias Kuhn conducted project days in school classes of different schools: Realschule, Gymnasium, Integrierte Gesamtschule, Berufsbildende Schule. They also held several lectures and workshops for multipliers.

Project Team: Mario Di Carlo, Matthias Kuhn, Hans-Uwe Daumann

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